Mansfield Holiday II 8mm Triple Turret Camera

I love recreating antique items and since I own this camera I thought it would be a good one to model and texture. I wanted to make something that was higher resolution that had more detail. This is not necessarily a game model, but I suppose it could be optimized down quite a bit and used as a 1st person mesh that you would hold in your hands.

My process is to model the high resolution mesh first in Max, then I duplicate the high res and remove Turbosmooth plus any modifiers in the stack used to create the high res mesh. This gets you most of the way there for your low poly if you plan ahead. After that, I delete any remaining edge loops and finally UV map and texture in Substance Painter. For final touches, I brought the high poly mesh into Zbrush and dinged up the edges a bit. All the text and decals were created in Photoshop and brought into Substance Painter to be transferred to the mesh. Any text that needed to be baked into the normal map was modeled as floater geo.

The final renders were done in Marmoset. There are 4k PBR textures for the main body and the lenses. I enjoyed creating this model. I hope you like the final product.