Created using 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, and nD02 for the Unreal 3 engine.

I worked on this project with Jon Sells for the Showdown Challenge on www.artbypapercut.com. I modeled and textured the sidewalk meshes, prayer candles, crows, angel statue, flower holders, bottles, skull, voodoo dolls, and decals. I also lit the scene, painted the background, and created the fog and leaf particle effects as well as created final textures and models for the tombs. Jon block modeled the scene, placed cameras, and created wax candles. He also modeled and textured the trees, gate, fences, foliage, and urns. Finally, he assembled the renderings for the challenge. The old sepia tone photo is something I did on my own free-time to give the scene a different look.

The poly budget for the entire scene was 250,000 and all textures had to fit within one 4096x4096 texture sheet. The goal of the project was to recreate a historical place/landmark in another time period.